MetES x Female Founders Suomi: Business Idea 101

2.11.2022 klo 16:30
Paikka: XR-Center, Arabian kampus, Hämeentie 135A
Kielisyys: Suomeksi, Englanniksi
Seminaarit, Verkostoitumistapahtumat
Muut, Yhteisö
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Join us at our first ever “Business Ideation 101” workshop hosted by us and Female Founders Suomi (FFS)!

Celebrating International Girls Day yesterday, and with the same positivity we would like to invite all from MetES and FFS communities – especially the ladies – to take part in this hands-on workshop that is all about helping individuals inspire each other & generate new business ideas.

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4.30 PM


Arabian kampus
Helsinki XR Center
Hämeentie 135A
00560 Helsinki


Free, Register from the Metes website

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